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Monthly Archives: April 2011

A leather hoodie. Seriously.


Rick Owens Men’s “Scuba” Jacket


5.0 megapixel camera half a credit card size

Why would you need an umbrella on such a sunny day? To tell time! Sundial parasol with a compass for the correct reading of the dial

Fashion happens on the street. Or pretends to

Menswear style looks best offset by serious and fragile school girl attitude

Red leather: tough and sexy; black jewelry: dangerous; wide collar and wide eyes: vulnerable, even innocent

Stripes are the trend of the coming summer. Classic, dazzling, sunny

Fold-it-yourself origami shoes: geometric design, fresh sweet colors, revolutionary constraction

Fantastic, dreamy, artificial geisha hairdos – don’t try this at home, just enjoy

Wild, tribal, clean and urban.


Mike Gonzalez’s Amazing Summer 2011 Lookbook Is A Wearable Vacation