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Monthly Archives: May 2011

In 2011 the trend is more than just a shirttail hem: it’s any manner of dresses, skirts or tops that have a hem that’s shorter in front, longer in back


Cylinder Belt Bag: upcycled purses made from the old belts, brown or grey. Cute and clever!

Windswept hair: this season, it’s all about volume

Valerija Kelava & Chloe Memisevic by Craig McDean for Interview

Caroline Corinth

Silver ring lets the wearer to choose the message, like code locks. Spell “love”, or whatever you want


Love Ring – L’amour glissant par Natalia Gomensoro

MAC Quite Cute Collection: “the girliest kind of international glam possible”

Show Bullies and Teachers Who’s Boss with the Slingshot Pen

Anatomical Nesting Dolls

Dr. Martens takes the punk and cute combination to a level never seen before

Spiky Converse x by John Varvatos


Converse x John Varvatos Heavy Metal High Tops